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Magnesium Isoglycyrrhizinate Injection (Yigancaosuanmei Zhusheye)


Please peruse the instructions carefully before using and following the advice of a physician.


[Drug Name]

Common Name: Magnesium Isoglycyrrhizinate Injection

Trade Name: Tianqing Ganmei 

English Name: Magnesium Isoglycyrrhizinate Injection

Chinese Pinyin: Yigancaosuanmei Zhusheye



This drug is a colorless transparent liquid.



This drug is used for treating chronic virus hepatitis and improving liver dysfunction.


[Usage and Dosage]

Once per day, 0.1g (2 pieces) each time. It is used for intravenous drip after diluted with 250ml of 10% glucose injection, with a course of treatment of four weeks or following the medical advice. If the illness situation is serious, to the daily dosage can be 0.2g (4 pieces).


[Adverse Reaction]

(1) Phantom aldosterone: this adverse reaction did not occur in the clinical research of phase II or phase III. According to the document, due to incremental dosage or long-term taking of glycyrrhetic acid, hypokaliemia is likely to appear, the incidence of the hypokaliemia will increase, some risks of phantom aldosterone will exist, such as blood pressure increase, sodium and humor retention, edema, and weight increase, etc. Therefore, measurement of the serum potassium value should be closely noted and observed and, if there are abnormalities, the drug taking should be stopped. Additionally, due to hypokaliemial, symptoms such as feeling of asthenia and low myodynamia are possibly to appear.

(2) Other adverse reactions: during the phase III of the clinical research of this drug, there were a few patients suffering from palpitation (0.3%), palpebral edema (0.3%), dizziness (0.3%), tetter (0.27%) or vomit (0.27%), without blood pressure increase or electrolyte conversion.



It should be forbidden for patients with serious hypokalemia, hypernatremia, high blood pressure, cardiac failure and kidney failure.