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Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate Capsules 
Please peruse the instructions carefully before using and following the advice of a physician.
[Product Name]
Generic name: Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate Capsules
Brand name:Gan Li Xin
The active ingredient of this product is Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate.
It is chemically described as 20β-carboxy -11-- oxo oleanane -12---en-3β-based-2-O-β-D-glucopyranoside acid base-α-D-glucopyranoside acid two ammonium salts.
The structural formula is

Molecular formula: C42H68N2O16
Molecular weight: 857.01
It is a hard capsule. The contents is white powder.
[Indication] The drug is indicated for the treatment of acute or chronic hepatitis with ALT increase.
Each capsule contains 50mg of Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate.
Preserver in well-closed containers, and store at dried places.
It is packed by PP.
12 capsules/blister, 2 blisters/box
[Expiration date]
24 months
[Executive standard]
FDA criteria: WS1-(X-416)-2003Z
[Approval registered no.]
Guoyaozhunzi H10940191