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Marine Injection (Kushensu Zhusheye)

Please peruse the instructions carefully before using and following the advice of a physician. 


[Drug Name]

Common Name: Marine Injection

English Name: Marine Injection

Chinese Pinyin: Kushensu Zhusheye



This product is a kind of nearly colorless or yellowish transparent liquid.



It is applicable to chronic viral hepatitis type B, deficiency of leucocyte caused by radiation treatment and chemo-treatment for tumor and leukocytopenia due to other causes.



(1) 2ml:0.2g (in oxymatrine)

(2) 2ml:0.6g (in oxymatrine)


[Usage and Dosage]

Intramuscular injection, for chronic hepatitis, 0.4~0.6g each time, once a day; for increasing leucocyte, 0.2g each time, twice a day.

Intravenous drip: for chronic hepatitis, once a day, 0.6g each time, it may dissolve in 5% glucose injection or 0.9% sodium chloride injection with volume of 100~250ml for intravenous drip. It is proper to control the speed as 60 drops per minute. Two months is a course of treatment or follow the medical advice. 


[Adverse Reaction]

A good tolerance of this product is reflected by the patients, the incidence rate of adverse reaction is low. The common adverse reactions include dizziness, nausea, vomit, bitter taste, diarrhea, epigastric discomfort or ache; and exanthemata, chest distress and pyrexia occur occasionally. Generally, such syndromes may alleviate without treatment. Rubefaction and ache in the injection site may occur in some cases, it may be alleviated by changing to deep injection. 



Those who are allergic to this product are forbidden to use.