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Sino Biopharm subscription of shares in Karolinska Development AB



The Subscription 


On 5 November 2014, the Company subscribed the Subscription Shares for an aggregate consideration of SEK63,090,833 (equivalent to approximately HK$67,898,000). 


The Subscription Shares represent approximately 10% of Karolinska Development’s existing issued share capital and approximately 9.09% of Karolinska Development’s issued share capital as enlarged by the issue of the Subscription Shares, respectively. 


The subscription price was determined after arm’s length negotiations between the Company and Karolinska Development and corresponded with the market price of the KD Shares and will be settled by the internal resources of the Group. 


The Subscription Shares, when fully paid, will rank pari passu in all respects with the KD Shares in issue upon Completion, including the right to any dividends or distributions after Completion. The Subscription Shares are not subject to any lock-up or disposal restrictions.